Trilogyice Laser Hair Removal is a new form of treatment that uses state of the art technology to reduce and remove all hair very effectively. Treatment is performed with a handheld device which emits three wavelengths, as opposed to a single wavelength. The three wavelengths (Alexandrite, ND Yag and Diode) are able to penetrate different depths within the skin which ensures comprehensive hair removal.   

This technology is precise, safe and extremely fast. Not only that, treatment is extremely comfortable and very cost-effective. It is suitable for all skin types including tanned, and all hair densities from golden blonde to black hair.

3D Trilogyice can be used anywhere where there is hair; underarms, legs, arms, face, pubic area, chest, back and buttocks.  A course of 6-8 treatments is normally recommended and interest free payment plans are available. Results can be seen from the 1st session.  A consultation and patch test must be carried out prior to treatment. 


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